Priscilla and her husband, Ed, live in San Antonio and are involved in numerous local and national charitable organizations. When not writing, volunteering, or enjoying family time, they are probably at a cat show, exhibiting their two award-winning British Shorthairs, Professor Higgins and Lord Chesterfield; and their new addition, an American Shorthair named Top Gun.  Otherwise, they’re traveling the world in search of another adventure.

Priscilla Kohutek is a best selling author, a career journalist, and a native Texan. She holds degrees in History and Government and has a solid background in English, literature, and politics. Her life is rich with exciting experiences, having spent 25 years living and writing in the Far East where her feature articles appeared regularly in major magazines and leading newspapers. Her “Ask Priscilla” lifestyle and decorating column ran continuously for 20 years in magazines and newspapers in three countries. Priscilla also has conducted various workshops, hosted a radio talk show, and was the managing editor of an important cultural magazine.

A few years ago, Priscilla shifted gears to focus exclusively on writing Olivia Garza’s extraordinary biography. The project took four years of hard work interviewing the principals, researching archived newspapers, collecting photographs, and digging into the family’s history and historical events that related to Olivia’s life. Upon completion, the book was immediately snatched up by Whitebird Publications LLC, and Amazon subsequently listed it as their #1 Hot New Release in two categories.

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